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MOPA Vacuum Tube Amplfier & GB4000 Combo

MOPA Vacuum Tube Amplfier & GB4000 Combo

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Forget the bells and whistles, when you are ready for a frequency generator that does what it is supposed to do at the power level that is needed you'll want the GB4000. Delivers all the frequencies at the power levels we claim without any playing around.

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60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee from the most experienced distributor Future Tech Today Inc est 2001. Previous to that we were Teslatech ;-) Now

Our Ultimate GB4000 Package includes the Revolutionary MOPA RF Amplifier – The Only True Vacuum Tube Driven Frequency Machine Available

  • Optimum Performance For Driving Any Plasma Tube
  • Variable RF Carrier from 2.2 to 3.8 MHz
  • Driven by an Authentic 1930’s Style Vacuum Tube
  • Output is a strong 190 Watts 
  • Professional Hand Built Construction w/ 2 Years Parts & Labor Warranty and 60 Days Satisfaction guarantee

Now includes the optimum 3.1-3.3 MHz RF Carrier Frequency Range
Money Back Guarantee*

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  • High Voltage / Low Current super efficient design
  • Vacuum Tube driven 1930's tank circuit with 1350 volts
  • True Analog harmonic sine wave output producing harmonic sidebands in the same manner as the original equipment
  • MOPA Size: Compact design - 10.5" Wide x 17" Long x 10" High
    GB4000: 8" Wide x 10" Long x 4" High
  • Power: Can be built for use with 110/120 volts or 220/240 volts AC
  • Power usage: 350 watts. When connected to the GB-4000 375 watts
  • Weight: 19 pounds

MOPA Amplifier Historical Tube Powered 1930’s Style Plasma Tube Power Amplifier Now Boosted to 190 Watts!

Now boosted to 190 Watts of RF Output! The MOPA Oscillator/Amplifier along with the GB4000 Frequency Generator is the perfect combination. This is the only machine designed with the 1930's style electronics including a vacuum tube inside. 

*Note: Accessories & Plasma Tube not included and 10% restocking fee on all returns. Sorry but this wasn't our decision. Think of it as a rental fee.

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