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SR4 Amplifier

SR4 Amplifier

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The SR4 RF Amplifier is a perfect companion for your GB4000. When you use your GB4000 in RF carrier mode, the addition of an SR4 RF amplifier can give you power output as much as 50 times higher than machines that use audio frequencies alone. - up to 15 watt RMS power output (peak power up to 30 watt) - 4 outputs - Extremely easy to hook up and use - Designed specifically to work with your GB4000

The SR-4 Amplifier Specifications and Features

  •  Power output: Increases the RF output of the GB-4000 from 4.7 watts up to 15 watts of power.
  • Inputs: Connects to the GB-4000 with 2 cables provided.
  • Outputs: 4 sets of dual outputs for multiple use.
  • L.E.D: RF indicator light confirms RF output.
  • Power output control: Power output is controlled by the GB-4000.
  • Frequency range: 1 to 30 million hertz.
  • Amplification capability: Can amplify all the capabilities of the GB-4000.
  • The SR-4 amplifier is priced at $695.00 (Sale Price $595.00 when purchased with a GB-4000).
  • Included 2 year parts and labor warranty
  • Physical Size: 8" Wide x 10" Long x 4" High
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