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Green 8 Car Harmonizer GPS Navigation Protection

Green 8 Car Harmonizer GPS Navigation Protection

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GPS navigation devices have become smaller for easy transport with you but did you know inside an automobile (which creates a faraday cage holding inside of the vehicle a significant part of the transmitted microwave signal. In other words the energy gets trapped in the vehicle.

Fortunately installing the Green 8 Car Harmonizer is easy. It's typically placed underneath the floor mat or above the sun visor (as shown) so it's close to the frame of the vehicle. Using it's scalar field technology it changes the quality of the radiation which is bouncing around the inside of the vehicle which lowers the stress on your body from the EMF.

As with all the Green 8 products they carry a full 90 day satisfaction guarantee and a 2 year warranty. While they have a two year warranty, under normal use they will last much longer than that!