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Green 8 Evolution 5G

Green 8 Evolution 5G

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Introducing the new Green 8 Evolution 5G

It is with some slight hesitation that I introduce this new version of the Green 8 Evolution 5G product because as anyone who follows my work knows I am in serious opposition to the rollout of 5G wireless technology. I personally feel that anyone that is concerned with the radiation effects from wireless technology (as you should be) should simply not participate in this technology. This means not purchasing a 5G phone or any other 5G wireless technology.

So putting up this product here I am essentially trying to NOT sell this product because I feel it's the best thing that I can do right now.

The only situation that I can see where someone would justifiably want to order this is if you have a job that forces you to use a 5G phone. Personally I would find a new job or demand a previous generation phone - after all they work just fine.

5G phones have only had mixed reviews at best. They are very overpriced and vary considerably in performance depending on the network.

The other thing about 5G is that it is essentially a marketing term. It actually is essentially meaningless because there are at least 3 completely different 5G bands which are incompatible with each other.

There is the low bandwidth 5G (which is as low as 600 MHz), the mid-bandwidth (which is as high as a few GHz) and the high-bandwidth 5G (which is currently up to about 28 GHz but may reach as high as 100 GHz or more in the future).

So if you purchase a 5G appliance on one of the networks and you aren't versed on which one they are using - don't expect it to work on any of the others!

One thing you can count on is that the telecom companies will do everything they can to extract as much money out of you for whatever you buy to support their new fancy networks. And of course, you can also count on more densified 5G cells being installed closer and closer to where you live and sleep all the time regardless of how damaging this may be to your health and rest.

So in closing, don't buy this product unless you are being forced to use a 5G appliance. If you aren't being forced go to ebay and purchase a reasonably priced 4G phone and avoid supporting the new 5G infrastructure with you wallet - spend your money on something more progressive like some flowers for your partner or a healthy dinner.

But if you just need some protection for your 4G Phone get this product instead.