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Green 8 Transformer 28-5G Home Protection

Green 8 Transformer 28-5G Home Protection

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The newest addition to our product line for protection against the latest wireless radiation, the T-28 5G has been designed to create a clean environment and protect against the newest 5G enhanced service networks that are just rolling out now. The reason this is such important technology to protect yourself against is that 5G was designed with new frequencies and to increase bandwidth for faster wireless services – more bandwidth means more data carried on the signal and this delivers more problems in the radiation and it's effects on living organisms.

The Transformer T28-5G was specifically engineered and is manufactured in Germany to help create a more natural, coherent environment in the face of exposure to these external fields. By emitting a coherent scalar field it harmonizes the radiating waves from 5G networks as well as 4G, 3G, 2G and even WiFi networks in order to provide a protected environment of a 33 meter radius from where it's installed.

The Transformer T28-5G must be installed oriented with the North magnetic field of the earth using the compass which is built into the face of the product and we can help you with the particulars of the installation process to make sure you get the most out of this new technology.