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FlexPulse G2 PEMF System

FlexPulse G2 PEMF System

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The FlexPulse G2 System includes the battery powered FlexPulse Controller w/belt clip, two coil applicator pads, wireless battery charging pad, a magnetic field tester and a protective travel case.

When you operate the FlexPulse G2 system you choose between 10 different programs for different effects.

Program 1 Runs 3 Hz

Program 2 Runs 7.8 Hz

Program 3 Runs 10 Hz

Program 4 Runs 14 Hz

Program 5 Runs 23 Hz

Program 6 Runs 40 Hz

Program 7 Runs 50 Hz

Program 8 Runs 60 Hz

Program 9 Runs 10 Hz and 100 Hz

Program 10 Runs 999 Hz

Each program is intended for different applications.

You can choose between using either one or two applicator coils when you run the FlexPulse G2, when running two coils the power is split between the two coils. The maximum field intensity when running a single coil is 200 Gauss (20,000 micro Tesla). When running two coils the maximum intensity for each coil will thus be 100 Gauss.

The intensity of the FlexPulse G2 is adjustable in ten increments so if you are running both applicator coils you can adjust the intensity between 10 Gauss (1000 micro Tesla) and 100 Gauss at the max intensity. When using only one applicator coil the intensity is double.

The timer on the FlexPulse G2 can be set anywhere from 10 to 60 minutes or it can be run in continuous mode.

The FlexPulse G2 runs a trapezoidal waveform.

Max Intensity: 200 Gauss (20,000 micro Tesla)
Frequency Range: 3-1000 Hz
Dimensions: 4.5" x 2.5" x 1"
Coil Dimensions: 2" x 2.5"

Warranty: 2 years (control unit) 6 months (accessories)
Return Period: 30 days
Restocking Fee: $100

Replacement Coils: $40 (call us to order)