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GB4000 Frequency Generator

GB4000 Frequency Generator

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Forget the bells and whistles, when you are ready for a frequency generator that does what it is supposed to do at the power level that is needed you'll want the GB4000. Delivers all the frequencies at the power levels we claim without any playing around.

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60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee from the most experienced distributor Future Tech Today Inc est 2001. Previous to that we were Teslatech ;-) Welcome to our new store!

The GB4000 Function Generator incorporates years of research to produce all of the audio and RF frequencies that you want.
With class leading power output, and the ability to create all of the high frequencies used in the original machines, you will we be able to meet all of your frequency needs.
While almost all other machines can only run 1 frequency at a time, the GB4000 gives you the ability to run from 1 to 8 frequencies simultaneously for a superior multi-frequency waveform. Since the GB4000 is up to 10 times more powerful than other machines there is plenty of power available to run 8 frequencies at the same time.

Key benefits of the GB4000

    • Simple to use, but includes advanced features.
      • Comes with both Audio and RF modes
        • Uses 3.1Mhz RF Carrier technology.
          • Frequency range of 0.1 to 20 million hertz
            • Runs frequencies up to 400kHz without an RF Carrier at a resolution of 0.01 Hz! This means that you can run hundredths of a hertz (example: 7.83 Hz)

            The GB4000 and optional amplifiers come with a full 2 year parts and labor warranty and includes telephone and email support. You'll also receive a DVD training video as well as additional video training from Joshua Parker (his exclusive videos).

            You'll also have a full 60 days to decide if the machine is right for your. That's right you can return it for a full refund (as long as there's no scratches on the MOPA if you choose to upgrade with the MOPA) if you are not happy with your machine for any reason.

            • Comes pre-programmed with 875 Channels - ready to use out of the box
              • Can store up to a total of 2000 channels - so you have all the room you need for custom channels
                • Has advanced sweep and gating functions
                  • Variable power output up to 4.7 watts (up to 15 watts with the SR-4 Amplifier)
                    • No hidden frequencies! Displays frequencies on screen and in the manual
                      • Voltage output in Audio Mode: 36 volts peak to peak which is .75 watts
                        • Voltage output in RF mode: Over 110 Volts peak to peak making it 18 times more powerful than most other frequency generators on the market. (Power output with the SR-4 Amplifier is up to 350 volts making it 75 times more powerful than our top competitors)
                          • Full LCD Display - no hidden programs like with other frequency machines
                            • Channel sweep capabilities in all 2000 channels. Channel sweep from 1 to 20,000 Hz
                              • Capable of both narrow and broad range sweeps and even has an advanced "converge sweep" mode (ask us for details)
                                • Offers 4 outputs - other frequency generators only have 2
                                • Runs square wave frequencies up to 100 kHz and sine wave frequencies up to 20 MHz
                                • Size: 8" Wide x 10" Long x 4" High

                                Note: Accessories not included (please inquire for details)

                                We've supported these machines for well over a decade and know them well so you'll be in good hands when you have questions.

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