by Joshua Parker on Jun 09, 2016

Resting-Breath-Hold (RBH) test -> also known as static-breath-hold in diving / spear-fishing lingo

Most kids know how long they can hold their breath. When was the last time you tried it? As a lifelone surfer i’ve known my breath hold as 1:15-1:20 consistently thoughout life. 2 years after beginning EarthPulse™ in 2003 I happened to test it as i’d been smoking a few years and to my surprise it was 2:05 seconds! Currently its somewhere over 2:30 with no practice. It is my core belief, that it may take a decade for all your cell’s to have finally turned over (died and been replaced at least once). The longevity implications are staggering!

If your mitochondria respond as expected, you will see improved Resting-Breath-Hold (RBH) time within the first week of nightly EarthPulse™ use. Why don’t you try a breath hold now just for sh*+s and giggles. This will always be a controlled test under similar conditions. You’ve been reading so your probably relaxed enought, breath deeply for 60 seconds (no hyperventilating please); and then time your breath using your watch or computer clock to monitor your time.

We suggest you only do our RBH-TEST ONE-TIME PER WEEK during the first month of EarthPulse™ use. ONCE PER MONTH AFTER THAT (so practice can not be associated with increased hold-times). After 90 days you can track your RBH every few months to monitor how well your mitochondria are responding. Hold-time will improve quickly for the first few weeks and more gradually after that. It is purely a function of mitochondrial use of oxygen and should improve gradually for YEARS.

The inventor currently has an RBH of 2:32 after 8 years of EP use, with just 15 seconds of oxygen loading. 2 years ago it was 2:42; using 60 seconds of oxygen-loading. This was from a baseline time of about 1:15 for most of his life. By the way, he smokes 10 – 15 cigarettes a day (natural tobacco, no filter) and maintains 99% blood oxygen. Prior to EP it was 96%.

Make sure you oxygen “load” precisely the same way and for the same amount of time  EVERY TIME. It is very important that this process remains constant. If RBH fails to increase by end of first week of nightly EarthPulse™ use, you will probably fail to show other expected results as well until breath-hold responds.

If you hit 6 weeks with no increase in breath-hold and you are still not sleeping, then you may as well return the device for refund.

If no rise is seen the first week, please call for tech support so we can maintain the highest probability of your success.

Increases in RBH can ONLY be evidence of improved mitochondrial efficiency; oxygen is burned more efficiently producing more energy out of each breath and (probably) producing less metabolic waste in form of reactive oxygen species  (ROS / oxidative free radicals) that require free radical scavenging (antioxidants).

Subsequently peak strength and stamina increase, remarkable natural healing processes are promoted, performance improves on psychological, neurological & physiological levels, the aging process slows considerably.