Pulsed Magnetic Therapy

by Joshua Parker on Jun 09, 2016

Pulsed magnetic therapy is quite different from magnetic therapy from permanent magnets. While permanent magnets have a more “static” field that surrounds them and do have an energetic impact on your body pulsed magnetic therapy is very unique because of the way a moving magnetic field works.

Nikola Tesla was a pioneer of what he called a rotating magnetic field. This was a special method he used to eliminate the commutator that is common among electrical motors. In the case of pulsed magnetics for therapy the moving magnetic field induces an electrical current to flow in any conductive pathways that are within the magnetic field. So when you are near a magnetic field which is pulsed it induces small currents to flow in the conductive pathways in your body.

Because the field from a pulsating magnetic field is always changing it has a more active effect on your body which doesn’t seem to diminish with time. Magnetic therapy with permanent magnets often seems to yield results in the short run but they often taper off with time whereas pulsed magnetic therapy tends to continue to build upon its short term results.

One thing to be clear about any magnetic therapy is that you shouldn’t expect to feel anything while you are using the device. Magnetic fields don’t cause any real noticeable sensation for most individuals. Regardless of this fact it’s the consistency of use that will give you the best results. So even though you can’t feel it be consistent about using it and you’re most likely to see good results down the line.

The Earth Pulse is a pulsed magnetic device which simulates the natural magnetic field of the earth (thus it’s name ;-) by using both a permanent north facing magnet (a high intensity neodymium magnet) with a coil that is pulsed from the Earth Pulse control box.

This combination of the north field and the low frequencies which resonate the coil in the same frequency range as the natural resonance of our Earth’s atmosphere, called the Schumann resonance has a very profound affect.

Try one out for 90 days risk free, if you don’t like it you can send it back for a refund.

But like I mentioned above don’t expect to feel anything while you use it! Just learn how to track your results such as how long you can hold your breath since using the Earth Pulse will increase your body’s ability to respirate more efficiently.

This is one of the easiest to use pulsed magnetic therapy devices that you’ll find – the Earth Pulse. You can read more about the Earth Pulse here.

Video About Pulsed Magnetic Therapy