EarthPulse Transportable Pack

Our padded transportable pack made especially to fit the Voltaic battery (SOLD SEPARATELY) & EarthPulse™ controller. Moisture resistant, padded-pleather to help protect your investment. Great accessory if you’re constantly packing your EP, or live in areas with frequent power outages. Whether it’s you lumbar, your knee, a bad ankle, a fixed-bone, or your hip; allows you to walk around with full power amplitude for 10 hours on a full charge. Price includes shipping. Voltaic battery sold separately.

  • Clear controller pocket enables keypad operation without removal;
  • Battery control features and charging port are accessable by opening side flap without removing battery
  • Short Voltaic L-tipped power cable avoids cable-clutter;
  • Two zippered magnet pouches (one side female velcro, the other side belt loop)
  • 3 adjustable strap assemblies of different widths and lengths for different parts of body.