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7.83 Hz Energetic Pendant EMF Protection Jewelry

7.83 Hz Energetic Pendant EMF Protection Jewelry

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Our 7.83 Hz Energetic Resonance Pendant is an ultra-powerful EMF Protection, wearable energetic technology that utilizes a cutting edge Nikola Tesla inspired system to lock in a 7.83 Hz vibrational frequency into the crystal structure. This technology has been designed to lock in frequencies to both the crystal structure of minerals as well as metals and in the case of these pendants the 7.83 Hz imprint is on both the crystal as well as the wire wrap around it.

The resonant frequency of 7.83 Hz has been a dominant frequency in our biosphere since it was discovered by Nikola Tesla and later named by Schumann in the 1950's. It represents the dominant natural resonance between the charged crust of the Earth and the charged upper layer of the atmosphere (the ionosphere).

This dominant frequency of our biosphere was once used to calibrate communications equipment as it was precisely consistent.

Arguably due to man-made interference and militarization of the ionosphere, the dominant resonance of our biosphere (Schumann Resonance) has been shifting around considerably which throws off the metabolic balance of every human and animal on the planet.

This is having a major effect on energy flow in all organisms considering we have acclimated to the natural resonance of 7.83 Hz for millennia.

What about EMF?

Our natural background environment is being bombarded with incoherent pulsed EMF and non-ionizing radiation from electrical wiring, telecommunications systems, "smart" meters and other "smart" transmitting technologies, all wireless devices and now 5G beam forming technology is only making the situation worse.

By wearing a 7.83 Hz Energetic Pendant you are giving your body a grounding 7.83 Hz resonance to help overcome EMF by giving the energetic system of your body the grounding signal that we've acclimated to for nearly all of history.

This is why wearing the Resonance pendant will literally make your body stronger!

Increased strength makes you more resilient to all the EMF and microwave radiation which you are exposed to on a daily basis.

We back all our products with a satisfaction guarantee so you can try out the 7.83 Hz Resonance Pendant risk free and try it out for 90 days while you experiment with it and see for yourself how much more powerful it makes you.

The hardest part is choosing which one you prefer but keep in mind that energetically they are all the same. They all resonate the same 7.83 Hz so it's just important to choose the mineral that you feel the best connection with.

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