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Bemer 3000 Plus Complete System - lightly used

Bemer 3000 Plus Complete System - lightly used

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The Bemer 3000 Plus system was the first system to use their newly patented "Bemer Plus" waveform which was uniquely pulsed in order to not only increase micro-circulation like the previously patented Bemer waveform but also to increase macro-circulation.

Right now we all need to take care of our blood flow and circulation which is why PEMF systems like Bemer are so important and likely it's what your body is craving whether you know it or not.

So why spend over $6000 on a new Bemer when all they really did was make a fancy new box to output the same signal with very little actual changes in the tech? Especially when you can get his unit for thousands of dollars less?

This unit will run on any power 110-240v and is guaranteed to work. It's in very good condition but it has been lightly used. We guarantee it for 90 days but if you purchase and return it after 30 days it will incur a 10% restocking fee.


  • Bemer 3000 Plus Control Box
  • Bemer 3000 Full Body Mat
  • Bemer 3000 Pillow Applicator
  • Bemer 3000 Intensive Applicator and Strap
  • Bemer 3000 Carry Bag

We will also include technical support on the phone with this unit since we were Bemer dealers and have a lot of familiarity with these systems and can help you get the most out of it.