Earth Pulse v.4.7 Sleep on Command System

$ 450.00 $ 600.00

Earth Pulse v.4.7 Sleep on Command System

$ 450.00 $ 600.00
Product description
The Earth Pulse is a Pulsed Magnetic Therapy system designed for performance enhancement and helping you get deeper, more restful sleep. Pulsed Magnetic Therapy (PEMF) is becoming a popular way to alleviate the problems with unhealthy, high frequency fields from wireless technology, household wiring, smart meters.
Electro-Magnetic fields (EMF) can be either helpful or harmful, all depending on the frequencies where they resonate. The natural fields in our biosphere, before the onslaught of man-made technology, resonated at 7.83 Hz (called the Schumann Resonance) and many scientists believe these low frequency fields helped balance our energy flow.
Magnetic Entrainment involves the synchronization of an organism to it's external environment. This concept can be used for benefit or harm. High frequency fields take you further away from a balanced, natural state. 
Why not take advantage of Magnetic Entrainment and use the Earth Pulse to bring you back to a more natural, lower frequency state where your brain can have more optimized performance and your body may be able to heal itself faster?
Think of it as Magnetic Supplementation. The cool thing is that you don't have to keep refilling the bottle!
EarthPulse™ v.5.2 Sleep on Command system is 30% more powerful than our previous model. More effective with thick mattress and for where more field amplitude is required for local application. v.5.2 is powered by included 100v – 240v AC to 12 volt DC power supply; built to be compatible with this 12 volt Voltaic battery (SOLD SEPARATELY) for portable, off the grid, or equine applications. Travels easily inside carry on baggage at just 1Kg.
Includes many new features:
  • Software controlled amplitude from 10% – 100% to help acclimation if you are sensitive, or for use with children;
  • L-shaped cable tips for easier transportability and longer plug life;
  • 2 new programs – SLEEPEASY our new Hybrid Delta-rhythm sleep program and a Manual-Frequency Mode for choosing one frequency for up to 12 hours for use as Schumann generator, for meditation or sleep experimentation;
  • Addition of 1 hour buffer of 14.1 Hz on all Sleep-Modes, Recover and Manual Modes to help wake more effectively without sleeping through shut-down.

The Earth Pulse v5.2 is now made with EMF shielded cables and a low-EMF power supply which makes it much better for you if you are electro-sensitive. This blocks out the bad 50-60 Hz EMF that your house wiring emits including the noisy spikes which are a hazard especially to electro-sensitive individuals.

All Earth Pulse v 5.2 Units have:

  • .1 Hz to 14.1 Hz Frequency Range
  • Up to 1100 Gauss Field Intensity (remember it's designed to go all the way through your mattress)
  • 10 Program Modes
  • Only Supplier with United States Telephone & Online Support!
  • 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • New 10% Rebate for Video Feedback After Using!*

    Earth Pulse v5.2 Controllers let you adjust intensity in 10% increments to tailor the effects to your specific desire. Great for small pets, children or sensitive adults.

    * Please contact us for more information. Will be posted shortly.

    Feel, sleep and perform better in 90-days or return it for refund.
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