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Green 8 Evolution

Green 8 Evolution

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This product has been replaced with the new Green 8 Evolution 5G

is the latest version of the Green 8 wireless radiation protection technology imported from Germany. The Green 8 Evolution has been updated to protect you from the latest 4G technology making it far more powerful than previous generation protection technology.

Microwave Radiation is emitted by all wireless devices, not just cell phones anymore. It’s hard to find an electronic appliance that’s not ‘wireless’ in some way. And all these computer devices, even before they had wireless capabilities, also emit microwave energy from modern ultrafast processors.

Green 8 Evolution can also be used with any mobile phone by sticking it on the back of the phone adjacent to the battery.

Imported from Germany this technology has been proven effective with years of research and updated for the latest 4G technology for the latest phones.

The image below on the left is the blood of an individual on a mobile phone call without a Green 8 Evolution installed. It clearly shows unhealthy "rouleau" coagulation shown in the stacking of the blood cells.

The image below on the right is the blood of the individual on a mobile phone call WITH a Green 8 Evolution installed. No visible evidence of unhealthy "rouleau" coagulation is shown.

Dark-Field Blood Image With & Without Green 8 Evolution

Simple, Easy and Effective - the Green 8 Evolution

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