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Qi Gong Infrasonic Massager Professional

Qi Gong Infrasonic Massager Professional

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Combining Ancient Chinese Energy Work With Modern Technology

Qi Gong Professional Infrasonic Massager

Infrasonic waves are "sound waves" which are below the range of human hearing. Now in the news you may hear about infrasonic weapons that are used by the military industrial complex but these waves have a long history of use in health research which goes back to the martial art of Qi Gong.

Infrasonic waves were detected emanating from the hands of Qi Gong masters. They were measured using precision electro-scopes and they had some interesting qualities to them.

Understanding the fundamental qualities of these infrasonic waves led to the development of the Qi Gong Massager.

The transducer is like a speaker pumping out the deepest bass tones that you will never hear. When you place the transducer (speaker) near you you'll feel it thump but that's not the vibration that makes it work it's what you don't feel!

Low frequencies actually penetrate much deeper which is why they are the best for long distance communication on submarines. It's also why heavy bass at a concert thumps your heart to the core.

Try out the Qi Gong Massager Professional you'll be glad you did. This system only works with a single transducer - the dual transducer model has been discontinued please refer to the portable unit for two transducers.

It has three intensity settings: low, medium and high

It has three timer settings: 10, 20, and 30 minutes.

The power adapter is compatible with AC 110-240v so only plug adapters are needed for use outside the US.

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