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Vortex Structured Water System - Small Garden Original

Vortex Structured Water System - Small Garden Original

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The Small Garden product is a convenient way to bring Structured Water to your plants and garden. Simply connect it to any faucet and hook up your hose. Garden products are easily connected to a recreational vehicle for filling water reservoirs while traveling. Great for use on hot tubs too! Extraordinary results are being obtained by watering plants with Structured Water. Use it in your greenhouse or on an aqua phonics system.

  • Less infection and disease in plants
  • Healthier plants with 20-40% increased biomass (bigger plants)
  • Increased nutrients and sugars in the plants
  • Up to a 30% reduction of water needed for yard and garden
  • Pest resistant due to plant health
  • Hardy plants that are more resistant to drought, heat, and freezing conditions

NOTE: Fittings on the Garden Unit are 3/4" brass garden hose connectors, 
one end female, one end male.
 If you need a 1/2 brass connector, please put in comments.

Length: 9"
Actual Unit Weight:  1 lb, 10 oz
(Shipped weight will be higher to include box and packing material)